Utah Residential Roofing & Residential Roof Repairs

Just because your roof isn't leaking, doesn't mean your roof isn't having a problem.

Don't wait until your roof is leaking to have it inspected for problems by our trained roofing contractors in Utah.

Here are the danger signs of a potential roof problem:

  • Leakage after rain

    Have you seen water in your attic or anywhere else it shouldn't be? This is an obvious sign that there is a roofing problem. A few different things such as missing or desecrating roof decking or breakage in metal flashing can cause a leaking roof.

  • Leakage after ice build-up

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  • Blistering or peeling exterior paint

    You may think that blistering or peeling of exterior paint is a result of excessive sun or humidity. Amazingly this can be result of poor attic ventilation, which can trap moister and humidity in your attic and walls.

  • High Energy Bills

    Believe it or not, high-energy bills can be the result of a poorly designed roofing system. For example, if your attic isn't ventilated properly it can cause your heating and cooling system to run excessively.

  • Shingles missing are any of the shingles on your roof missing?

    That could simply require that you need that shingle replaced. It could also mean that the shingles have reached their useful life and they need to be replaced for full protection.

  • Stains on interior walls and ceilings

    If you see stains on your inside walls or ceilings, it means you have a leak or excessive moister. If it's coming from the roof it could mean that you have a shingle problem or improper roof deck protection.

    Mold signs could mean that you have improper attic ventilation.

  • Exterior Decay of Shingles or Sheathing

    If you have noticed that your shingles, sheathing or siding is decayed, it may be the result of poor attic ventilation.

  • Cracking or curling of shingles

    You'll need to call our licensed roofing contractors in Utah if you have shingles that are cracking or curling at the edges. This is a solid signal that your entire roof will need to be replaced.

  • Dark dirty looking areas

    If you've noticed dark dirty or looking areas on your roof, it could be caused by environmental issues, vegetation, fungus or algae growth, which are mainly esthetic, issues. Or it could be caused by a loss of granules due to the age of the shingles. This is a serious issue and means that your roof will most likely need to be replaced.

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